Friday finish

A rush to try finish things before the bank holiday weekend, though I didn’t quite manage it.

Mostly trying to finish the draft job descriptions, person specifications and other paperwork for the recruitment to the new senior roles from phase 1 of the IT review. Between myself and Susan Tallents in HR, we managed to get the process document out to affected staff today as promised but not the job info. That will need to follow next week.

A meeting with the external auditors to report back on their review of some of our core systems gave me some things to think about, although it is about improving on where we are rather than there being significant issues. We will get a draft of their report to comment on before they confirm it and we then have to produce a management response and action plan.

The afternoon was largely taken up with the SLS Exec and we spent some time going through the annual operating plan. I’ve got a number of things to do to add information to that, which will have to be done next week when I’m on leave because of the deadline for submission.

And then off, for a long family weekend in Belgium.Atomium

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