What To Do?

The last three days should have been a gift in terms of getting back on top of that To Do list. With a late cancellation of the event on Monday/Tuesday I had two whole clear days but of course things never quite go to plan.

In the event, I’ve managed to do the main things I urgently needed to get done, and I’m almost there with my inbox (it looked lovely and empty by the end of Monday but filled up faster than I could keep up yesterday and today).

I’ve now finished the 1st full draft of the Phase 1 proposals paper for the Corporate Review of IT. That goes to the Steering Group on Friday, so there was a real hard deadline there. I expect there to be further amendments to it as a result of the steering group’s comments, so there will certainly be a draft2 and possibly more before I get to the point of circulating to the Executive ahead of March 2nd.

The Web Strategy finally made it through to a nearly-1st draft. It isn’t quite there yet but once it is, hopefully early next week, I’ll be passing that out for review by the group of staff who attended the original web strategy workshop back in October.

Today I went up to HBP to work for the morning. Staff in ITI have only just moved in and Cathy Jackson kindly showed me around. From those I talked to, there were clearly some niggles but most people seem happy with the new accommodation, especially the amount of light and the ability to open windows!

Dave Flatt showed me around the ground floor, which looks a great improvement on Collegiate. There’s more space, more light, and things just look more professional. A good job done there by both the IS&T team and FD.

Laurie Nicholls took the opportunity of my being there to pop in, as did a couple of other people, which is why I’ve planned to have an office there. I’ll try to work there once a week, if possible. One visitor this morning told me I need to personalise the room so I’m thinking how I can do that – it might be a little late to ask for some colourful paint though.