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Not in London

So today was a long planned two day Gartner  Business Intelligence event but the timing in the end just tripped me up.

With the deadline pressing to have the full draft of the proposals around Phase 1 of the Corporate Review of IT complete so it can go out for Friday’s meeting, there was no way I could afford two days off site.

Shame really, because events like that are useful for sparking new ideas or simply for giving you space and time to think.

Anyway, with most people thinking I was out, it was at least very quiet. No meetings and very few interuptions meant I was able to make good progress and I think I’ll have the draft ready to go tomorrow or Wednesday morning latest. Work on it doesn’t end there of course as I would expect there to be amendments and additions to make once the Steering Group has reviewed it. I then have to write a business case as well.

Anyway, I made so much progress that I also finally finished the draft Information Management Strategy. I just want to check some of the points about implementation with the people concerned and then I’ll be circulating it to key leads in faculties and departments for comment. I’ll also be posting it on the Information Strategy site in case there’s wider interest, probably next week.

And on top of all that, I finally got my wayward inbox back under control (for now at least). More of the same tomorrow where as well as finishing the Corporate Review of IT document I’ll be finalising the draft Web Strategy.

So, whilst I’ve missed out on an interesting and challenging event at least I’m getting some big tasks off my To Do list .

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