The Case of the Missing Lock

Sometimes, some days, something odd happens that just takes over whatever you’re doing. Today was one of those days.

Mark Lee came in to see me in the afternoon to let me know that there were some problems with security on the area immediately around our main data centre.

When we went to the location, we found the security door had had the locks removed and was now accessible by anyone at anytime. Nobody could tell us who had done it but it didn’t appear to be an attempted break-in as the person who removed the locks had also filled in all the holes in the door with filler. They would also have needed a security pass to open the door to get to the lock in the 1st place.

The mystery deepened when we found out that it seemed that the locks had been removed in the morning. A series of phone calls later (with the help of D&S colleagues who were supervising other building work nearby) and with the help of Nick Nelson from FD we had identified that the lock had been removed legitimately. However, no new lock had been fitted in its place.

Nick organised for the contractor to be called back and in the meantime sorted out some temporary locks that allowed us to secure the area over the weekend. Probably one of the strangest Friday afternoon’s I’ve had for some time!

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