Red Letter Day

Today was an important day in terms of the Corporate Review of IT – the Steering Group met for the very 1st time today.

The group is Chaired by Cliff Allan, and the membership is from a broad cross-section of areas of the University.

For this 1st meeting, it was all about checking the Terms of Reference and I presented a briefing paper on the background to why the review is happening. This links directly back to the ‘Information Systems and Technology Strategy’ endorsed in December 2008 but also to value for money reports done in 2007 that indicated that the University could get better value from its IT investment.

The next meeting of the group is early in February and I’ll present the 1st draft of my proposals paper there, for that group to give guidance and comment on.

That, of course, now gives me  a firm date to work towards – and it isn’t very long away now.

Better get on with some thinking and writing.