Friday Services

All the morning was scheduled time for an extended Information Services Management Group meeting.

The 1st hour was set aside for a specific discussion on service management, the Remedy service, and where we were going with them generally. This followed the ISMG  meeting in October when Nigel Williamson presented his update on Remedy reporting, that led to a broader discussion about the tool and the approach.

We’d agreed to include other relevant managers in the discussion so there was a larger than usual attendance at the meeting. I’d circulated the notes of a meeting of ISMG from May 09 in which we’d discussed and restated a commitment to service management, ITIL as a means to deliver that, and Remedy as a tool to support it. In that May discussion we had also identified a set of priorities to work to.

The discussion quickly focused on a need to get some clarity on what needs to be done, in terms of generating firm proposals. A steering group was suggested, made up of suitable managers in IS&T/SLS, FD, and the Faculties. The group would take its overall strategic direction from, and report to, ISMG.

One of the other matters we covered on the main ISMG agenda were the service reviews of all corporate departments. There is a similar process happening in Faculties, although with a different focus. The service reviews apply a peer review approach to looking at a department’s services and evaluating them in terms of a methodological approach. This approach was trialled in HR last year and the learning from that used to refine the process.

In SLS, each portfolio area was asked to produce a set of statements about their services. Services are defined in ways that should make most sense to those receiving or using the service. I talked briefly about the way we had worked towards definitions of the IS&T portfolio services, utilising the work done on the IT Services catalogue as a starting point. What was interesting in that work was that we moved away from the high-level service labels quite quickly but that found that the IT services in the catalogue then sat quite neatly under the high-level services we did define.

After ISMG, into the afternoon and updates on the data centre moves (which continue to go very well) and on problems we are having with one of our critical systems. Hopefully, that will be resolved shortly.

Next week is the 1st meeting of the Corporate Review of IT Steering Group and I’ll be preparing for that on Monday.

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