Major move Monday

This weekend was, for some staff at least, dominated by the painstaking major moves of our secondary data centre.

Some many months in the planning, I was relieved to get Mark Lee’s email on Sunday letting me know that things had gone well. It was still with some trepidation that I walked into work this morning. However, things appeared largely fine.

Later, Mark updated me. We had had some problems – some people were unable to access their email for some part of the day due to a corrupted database. We also had some problems apparently on Syllabus Plus, though it didn’t seem to be causing problems for anyone. By the time I left this evening, the team were sorting out some SI niggles but otherwise things are working OK.

Of course, that’s not the end of these major moves but it does get us passed the really difficult bits, the bits that were likely to break if anything did. That we did so without major disruption and without various hardware failures, etc is testament to the detailed planning by a whole group of IT Infrastructure staff, alongside FD and Estates colleagues.

Assuming we continue to make good progress, the main moves and changes will all be complete by Thursday. Then, with the inter-semester examinations period looming, we’ll pause and leave things running in a safe manner.

We have another week in early February to do any loose end tidying if needed, ahead of teaching restarting.

I’m really impressed that we were able to achieve the moves so far as smoothly as we have. It was never going to be a simple task and there were few points in the year when we could do the moves without significant potential disruption.

What better way to start the year.

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