Freaky Friday

Well, that wasn’t quite the Friday I expected.

After a catch-up with Matt, I met with Maurice Teasdale to catch up on accommodation planning for Hallamshire Business Park. Everything seems to be on track although there are always loose ends to tie up.

Next to Chair the Information Services Management Group. A busy meeting with quite a lot on the agenda. One particularly interesting item was each of the Faculties giving a 5 minute overview of key strategic objectives/ needs for the coming year.

Then just time to catch up with a few things before heading off to City Hall for another Graduation platform party. A nice end to to the week I thought.

Only – when I got there it seems there were other plans for me. I was leading half the procession. Not what I expected or was prepared for. Any interest in the fact that Jarvis Cocker was on the platform receiving his Honorary Doctorate was largely lost in nerves.

Luckily a colleague from Secretariat walked me through what I had to do and I didn’t cock up too badly. All in all one of the scariest things I’ve done in a long time!

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