Tuesday's Loose-ends

Most of today was meetings-free to allow me to tie up lots of little loose ends that have to be done before I go on leave. Ranging from finally writing up proposals for spending against the IS&T hospitality budget (£5,000) to setting an objective to have all IS&T staff have an appraisal during the current cycle.

The main highlights were a handover meeting with Mark Lee, who will be covering any urgent matters whilst I’m away, and a meeting with Martin Cantor from Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

The handover meeting was making sure Mark was aware of anything that might possibly get referred to him, so that he knows the background and whether he should deal with it or wait for me to get back. Whilst I’m not expecting anything major to crop up (and part of tying up the loose ends is to hopefully make sure nothing does) it’s obviously important to make sure there is someone available just in case.

The meeting with Martin was a very kind offer from him to brief me on the South Yorkshire Public Services e-Forum. We used to have representation on the group until a couple of years ago but not since. Martin is keen that we are involved, as the University of Sheffield and University of Huddersfield already are. It was interesting hearing about how the forum is aiming to ensure that the region is a real leader in the ‘digital’ agenda, and how they want to ensure that take-up is inclusive.

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