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Key people involved in phase 3 (academic year 2016/17):

Executive Sponsors: Richard Calvert, Chief Operating Officer and Professor Christina Hughes Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience

Business Leads: Dr Neil McKay, Dean of Students and Joe Rennie, Director of Registry Services

Change Team Representatives:
Mike Bramhall, Academic Dean of Academic Development, Faculty of Arts,Computing, Engineering and Science
Simon Bromley, Academic Dean of Academic Development, Faculty of Development & Society
David Laughton, Academic Dean of Academic Development, Sheffield Business School

Alison Purvis, Head of Learning Enhancement, Faculty of Health & Wellbeing
Graham Holden, Director of Learning and Teaching, Learning Enhancement and Academic Development
Brian Irwin, Head of Digital Capability, Learning Enhancement and Academic Development
Laura Ottery, Assistant Registrar Assessment, Awards and Regulations, Registry Services
Denise Elliott , Assessment, Awards and Regulations Manager, Registry Services
Helen Aram, Assistant Registrar Student Admin., Registry Services
Jill Nanson, Head of Faculty Professional Services, Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences
Joanna Solecki, Interim Head of Business Improvement Services, Business Improvement Services
David Williams, Head of Digital Portfolio, Digital Technology Services
Libby Wilson , Assistant Registrar – Service Development, Registry Services and ESCM Programme
Caroline Foote, HR Manager, Human Resources
David Kyffin, Student Experience Manager, Faculty of Development and Society

Students’ Union Representatives:
Emily Wilkes, President 2016/17
Luke Renwick, Education Officer 2016/17

Programme Delivery Team (Business Improvement Services):
Jon Childs, Programme Manager
Lucy Fawcett, Project Manager
Stuart Hepplestone, Senior Lecturer Digital Capability
Joanne Roberts, Communications and Engagement Manager
Paul Dewsnap, Senior Project Officer
Emma Richardson and Kathryn Roughton, Senior Business Analysts
Jack Sutherst, Emily Cooper, Nicole Warwick, Sian Roughley, Graduate Interns based in the faculties