Why are we doing this?

The assessment experience of students is critical to the University’s success but there are some areas of assessment organisation and management that need enhancing and developing further to meet this objective.

The Assessment Journey programme has been formed to investigate, define and deliver the changes needed to provide a seamless and improved assessment experience for students and staff as well as improving the operational effectiveness of assessment delivery within the University.

The programme has worked with students and staff across the University to develop a clear picture of what we currently do, identify good practice and what changes are required. This has helped shape the vision for assessment for the University which the programme will help deliver.


The University’s vision for assessment is:

  • Assessment is recognised as an integral part of the University strategy
  • Assessments are designed around clear learner focused prinicples
  • Expectations for assessment are clearly set around what is required, how work will be assessed and when this will be submitted
  • The assessment experience for students and staff is clear and coherent, providing integrated processes and one point of access for assessment related information
  • Students will primarily submit work online and will have access to feedback and their marks, online from a single point of access
  • Feedback tools and resources are made available that support staff to generate useful feedback for students quickly and consistently
  • Marking criteria and practice is clear, fair and transparent
  • Assessment processes are effective and efficient and activities are automated as far as possible
  • There is single mark entry and a single authoritative data source for marks and assessment data
  • Systems and processes should be intuitive and guide students, academic and professional services staff through the entire assessment cycle

What are the benefits?

Benefits for Students

  • Improved consistency of the assessment experience between modules
  • Improved visibility of upcoming assessments including electronic reminders about deadlines
  • Clearer assessment guidance and framework resulting in a better understanding and confidence in the assessment process
  • Reduction in printing costs and convenience of not having to travel to hand in assignments
  • Improved access to marks and feedback from one location to identify actions to enhance personal and professional development
  • Increased student confidence through automatic proof of receipt for online submissions
  • Confidence of knowing work is stored electronically, securely and backed up
  • Improved clarity and understanding of feedback
  • Meet students’ expectations – online is normal practice in a digital age and is increasingly being adopted by the sector/other institutions

Benefits for Academic Staff 

  • Accessible and clear assessment guidance to support assessment design and delivery across modules, courses and programmes
  • Accessible and clear principles, guidance and tools to enable innovation of practice
  • Reduction in time to access submitted assessment tasks
  • The convenience of not having to collect and carry large quantities of paper
  • The convenience of electronic filing and the security of having work backed up on an online system
  • The ability to access assessment information anywhere (wherever there is an internet connection)
  • The ability to moderate marks online (without having to physically exchange paper)
  • The convenience of being able to undertake originality checking in the same environment as marking
  • Increase in access to training and technology to support online management of assessment

Benefits for Professional Services Staff

  • Reduction in physical submissions and automation of some previous manual processes leaving more time to focus on the student experience
  • Reduction in queries resulting from clear assessment guidance and framework accessible to students
  • Reduction in queries resulting from increased student confidence due to the process of automatic proof of receipt for online submissions and work being stored electronically and backed up
  • Reduction in time entering marks to SITS -single mark entry via Blackboard
  • Increase in access to training and technology to support online management of assessment

Download a PDF of the Assessment Journey Programme Benefits.