Workshops to support the transition to online

Great progress is being made across the faculties to transition to online management of assessment and the University has welcomed a series of training and support sessions facilitating the process.  After the success of an initial half-day workshop in January, another LTA workshop went ahead within the Media, Arts and Communications Department. The session focused on creating and updating 2016/17 Blackboard sites, developing resource lists online, and exploring different approaches to online submission and feedback that are suited to MAC assessment types and subjects. The workshop provided attendees with hands-on guidance, support and allocated time to discuss and learn more about each topic that was presented. In addition, the Assessment Journey Programme (AJP) provided an update on the status of the programme and the introduction of the new Policy for Summative Assessment which was approved by Academic Board on Tuesday 26 April.

This forum was an excellent opportunity for academic staff to continue their preparation for online assessment for level 3, 4 and 7 students from September 2016/17.  They worked alongside the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and AJP Teams to resolve any challenges they faced when using online submission, which reduced anxiety around marking and feedback technologies. Staff members were able to request further guidance and resources from the TEL and AJP Teams, outside of the session.

This workshop is just one of the many sessions designed to assist faculties during the transition to online.  Similar group training opportunities and 1-2-1 support is being offered in all areas. Please contact your faculty TEL teams to find out more.

Policy for Summative Assessment

The Policy for Summative Assessment was approved by Academic Board on 26 April 2016. 

The Policy is to be implemented from the start of academic year 2016/17 and lists a number of statements relating to summative assessment. It has been shaped by feedback during the Assessment Journey Programme and draws together existing assessment policy, clarifies expectations and introduces new policy statements to support the move to online management of assessment.

Please note that, following advice from the Academic Quality Standards and Enhancement Committee and Academic Board, the University is currently reviewing point 8 of the Policy for Summative Assessment with a view to allowing submission beyond the coursework deadline date for a capped pass mark. Further consideration of this potential policy change will take place prior to the start of the 2016/17 academic year. Continue reading