Helping you with online moderation

We have been exploring online moderation with academic colleagues and two case studies have been produced that focus on the internal and external moderation process.

Jules O’Dor from SBS outlines how he designed online feedback and moderation within his postgraduate module to provide the most constructive feedback to students in a timely and efficient manner, whilst minimising the time taken to undertake moderation.

Case Study: Jules O’Dor


Andy Hirst from ACES outlines how he introduced online external moderation for all Business and Enterprise courses with the aim of improving accessibility, efficiency and consistency.  This was achieved using a standard set of moderation folders in each Blackboard module site.

Case Study: Andy Hirst


Other online resources are available via TEL help.

The resources below will help facilitate moderation online.

How do external examiners access student work, feedback and marks provided in the Blackboard Grade Centre?

How do external examiners access student work, feedback and marks stored in a private content area in Blackboard?

External moderation: How do I download student work annotated inline using Crocodoc and upload to a different area/folder in Blackboard?

Downloading Crocodocs Screencast

External moderation: How do I download and upload completed feedback rubrics for external moderation?




Students shape their own assessment resource at second workshop

student workshop 2

It was great to see so many course representatives at our second assessment workshop last week. The session was very productive with lots of engagement with the new website which will be a one-stop shop for assessment guidance, advice and support, solely for students.

Attendees were asked to provide feedback on the design, content and name of the site before we embark on the next stage of development. We look forward to sharing a prototype with students for further feedback in April.