Meet the Interns

We are pleased to welcome four new graduate interns to the Assessment Journey Programme Team.  We asked them to tell us a little about themselves, here’s what they had to say:

Laura McNally

Picture_LauraHello there! I’ll be based with Sheffield Business School to help develop staff and student digital capability in relation to online feedback, marking and assessment!

Prior to this role I was involved in the Minimum Expectations project to assist staff with developing more interactive and technology based module sites. This role has enabled me to gain insight into the business school and so I will be a useful asset to the Technology Enhanced Learning Team!

I studied my degree in BA (Hons) Education Studies at Sheffield Hallam and throughout my time as a student developed a passion for the Higher Education sector to encourage change and develop staff and student capabilities. I hope to one day become an Academic within the Higher Education sector in relation to technology and education developments, however, I am really enjoying working as part of the e-learning teams and so this is where my passion lies for now!

Interesting fact – During my degree, I won the prize for the most academic progress between first and second year.

David Chegwidden

David Ch2I’m a former student of the University and have recently graduated with a degree in English and History. I’ll be working with the ACES TEL team to assist and support with anything to do with assessment and feedback. So get in contact if you need some help!

My role as a Graduate Intern offers me a great opportunity to build experience within Higher Education. I enjoy the technical element of the role and look forward to exploring some of the possibilities technology has opened up within education. As well as the work itself, I am looking forward to getting back into other aspects of life at the University such as the Sail and Windsurf team.

Interesting fact – I have ridden an ostrich.

Joe Wilcox

Joe W.I’ve recently been assigned to the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing to help the TEL team there provide support to academic staff with the move towards online management of assessment. Having seen a similar change take place during my time studying English Language at the University of Leeds, I am looking forward to playing an active role in the process at SHU.

I see this role as a great opportunity to improve my confidence and breadth of experience in the workplace of a large organisation and am particularly looking forward to having a high level of personal interaction with staff. In addition I hope this role will help me develop my ability to create online content. I see higher education as a great sector to work in and as a keen mountain biker and lover of outdoor sports I am looking forward to spending time in the Academy of Sport, which has involvement with some of the UK’s top mountain bikers.

Interesting fact  I used to ride and race downhill mountain biking, look it up!

Kathy Davies

KathyHello! I’m Kathy; avid cook, globe-trotter, and one of the latest additions to the Assessment Journey Programme. I am working with the TEL Team in the Faculty of Development and Society, supporting staff with the move towards the online management of assessment, and encouraging the use of technology to enhance the feedback that is given to students.

Having studied my BA (Hons) History degree at Sheffield Hallam, I have experienced the assessment journey from a student’s perspective, so was keen to become part of shaping the future of this process at the University. Although I intend to complete an MA in History by Research at some point in the next few years, for me, this position is the start of what I hope will be a long and successful career in the Higher Education Sector.

Interesting fact – In 2014, I ran up a large section of the Great Wall of China.

Assessment Essentials Goes Live

A new resource for assessment design and delivery

Assessment Essentials is a new online resource created to help you with the design and delivery of assessments to students. It offers a single, consistent point of reference and access to:

  • assessment guidance
  • resources and case studies
  • technical how to guides
  • policy and regulation information

Built on the Assessment Lifecycle and its nine themes, Assessment Essentials is one of the tools supporting the University’s transition to online management of assessment.


Start using the resource today by visiting:

We want your feedback!

During semester one we would welcome feedback around your experience of accessing and finding information on Assessment Essentials.  Your feedback will help us to improve and enhance the site as staff start to use it regularly.  You can make comments and suggestions at any time using the feedback form on the Assessment Essentials home page and within the footer of each page on the site.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Launch of ‘Print to Mark’ Service

The University is working towards a position in which students will, where possible, submit work electronically and then receive their feedback electronically. This will result in substantial benefits for students. However, it is acknowledged that this will be a change in practice for some academic members of staff. To support this transition, a ‘print to mark’ service will be offered to allow for marking of physical assignments, prior to staff providing electronic feedback online.

The Assessment Journey Programme has been working with the Print Shop to develop this ‘print to mark’ service. As part of this service, printed assignments will be delivered next day to your local Helpdesk.

This ‘print to mark’ service will be available from 3rd November for any academic staff who are supporting online submission via Blackboard this year and want a printed copy for marking purposes. To use the service, a zip file of the submissions must be downloaded from Blackboard and sent to the Print Shop for printing via

Please read the guidance on how to use this service for full instructions. We will also be holding a number of drop-in sessions to demonstrate the system. Full details on the sessions will follow.

In semester 2, the ‘print to mark’ service will be further developed by adding an easier to use interface. Further details on this will follow later this month.