Launch of FAQs

FAQs around the Assessment Journey Programme are now live and available within this blog (see the top navigation bar).  We have received feedback from faculty leads that academics now want to focus on the more ‘practical’ elements of assessment design and delivery. We have therefore compiled a bank of FAQs to help answer some of your queries.

Please use our contact form (see the top navigation bar) if you would like to raise any additional queries around the Assessment Journey Programme.


Print to Mark service to support transition to online management of assessment

The Assessment Journey Programme is working towards a position where online submission and feedback is the norm across the University. This way of working will offer substantial benefits for students, improving consistency, clarity and transparency of assessment and feedback.

It is acknowledged the new on-line approach may be a change in practice for some academic members of staff and in order to support their transition, a ‘print to mark service’ will be offered through the Print Shop.  The service will allow staff to mark printed scripts off line, prior to providing online feedback.

For those members of staff who may wish to ‘print to mark’, the new service will be made available for semester 1 of the academic year 2015/16.  We anticipate that the service will ‘go live’ at the beginning of November 2015.  The solution for semester 1 will be an interim one and details of how it will work, including guidance and support, will be provided towards the end of October 2015.

In semester 2, the ‘print to mark’ solution will be developed further prior to the introduction of online submission and feedback in 2016/17.

If you have any questions in the interim, please contact us.