We look at the technology needed to deliver this project

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The programme will deliver an integrated technical solution that supports online submission, marking and feedback of assessment tasks. It will also deliver an integrated assessment scheduling and diary system to support the communication of assessment task (including exams) deadlines and extensions and a single accessible portal for students and staff to access all relevant assessment information relating to their areas of study. The development of this solution is the part of the project called Online Management of Assessment (OMA).

Following a review and evaluation of possible solutions a high level approach has now been defined. This primarily uses SITS and Blackboard as core systems with additional capability provided via the data warehouse.

The technology will be developed in phases over the three year programme and will support areas such as

  • better integration of systems to reduce manual set-up for staff
  • electronic receipting when students who submit to Blackboard
  • improved visibility of upcoming assessments
  • providing students with electronic feedback, including training and support for staff on how to use e-marking tools
  • a single mark entry through Blackboard.

Next steps

  • a roadmap for developing the technology has been finalised
  • key development areas have been identified and with the support of colleagues from across the University requirement documents produced
  • we are working closely with Tribal and Blackboard to explore all aspects of the technical model and ensure our requirements are met



Students have their say


photo 05We’ve arranged student focus groups across March and April to find out more about what students expect and want from the project.

Amanda Twiss, Senior Project Officer (former SBS Academic), tells us more:

Gathering the views, ideas and experiences of students from across the University is invaluable in helping to shape future assessment at SHU.  The aim of the first student workshop was focused around assessment design and delivery, capturing student feedback on originality checking/text matching, electronic feedback and receipting together with feedback on exams.  The second workshop is focusing on the online technical model, capturing how students view and use their assessment task information, submitted work and feedback in addition to exploring what they would expect from the University should online submission be unavailable.

Both academic and student feedback is being combined to provide the programme team with rich data that will inform the programme delivery going forward.

Over 600 academics share their thoughts with us

In January we contacted academic staff asking them to fill out a survey about  marking practices and preferences.  We received a total of 600 responses, with good representation from each faculty, which will really help us with the work of the Assessment Journey Programme as it develops.

We’re currently analysing all the feedback and will be in touch with each faculty once we’ve been through all the feedback.

We’re creating more opportunities for colleagues to engage with the development of the programme and would welcome your input. We’ll be attending faculty and departmental meetings throughout May and June at which we’ll be updating you on the progress of our work and asking for your views on key areas of the programme.


assessment-journey-lifecycleWelcome to our Assessment Journey blog.

The Assessment Journey team will be using this site to update you on the project’s progress, how we are collaborating with departments to support early transition to online management of assessment, share incoming FAQs, and provide information around upcoming events.