Meet the team

The Academic Development and Diversity (ADD) Team was established following the Academic Organisation Project (AOP).  Here we present our team contacts along with individual pen portraits which provide you with an oversight of our team’s wealth of experience and knowledge.  


Elaine Buckley, Director of Academic Development & Diversity
0114 225 3750
Pen portrait



Academic Development Team Academic Operations Team
Claire Walsh
Head of Academic Development & Inclusivity
0114 225 5365
Pen portrait
Rebecca Malone
Planning and Operations Manager
0114 225 2830
Pen portrait
Neil Mayne
Digital Learning Development Manager
0114 225 5703
Pen portrait
Julie Smith
Operations Officer
0114 225 2838
Pen portrait
Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred
SL Academic Development & Inclusivity
0114 225 6662
Pen portrait
Natalie Brownell
Senior Administrator
0114 225 5773
Pen portrait
Helen Kay
SL Academic Development & Inclusivity
0114 225 3705
Pen portrait
Lydia Pettifer
Graduate Intern
0114 225 4470
Pen portrait
Paddy Turner
SL Academic Development & Inclusivity
0114 225 4491
Pen portrait

The team has close ties with the Digital Learning & Practice Team (in particular, the Digital Learning Development Manager) led by Brian Irwin within the Teaching & Learning Portfolio.

Team structure chart – May 2020