SHULT18 – Abstracts and digital presentations

Tuesday 10th July 2018


Full Abstract and digital presentation Presenter(s)
What works to enhance students’ transition into HE? An improvement plan for retention and success Beth Fielding-Lloyd, Jayne Willis, Mark Collins and Karen Hibbert
A Taste of SHU – An Online Transition-in Model Charmaine Myers, Karl Baker-Green, Ian Glover and Andrew Middleton
Placements: How effective are they and why do students choose not to do them? Nikki Abbott
Inspiring students through experiential learning and co-curricular activities James Ellerby
How does academic feedback impact the performance of our students? The power is in our hands to shape their future Amy Musgrove, Dave Darwent, Ivan Cano and Simon Graham
How independent should independent learners be in HE?  How to use scaffolding and gamification to support and enhance open learning? Dora Chan
The student digital capability project – learning through listening Helen Rodger and Juliun Ryan
Questioning Assumptions Paddy Turner
Student and Staff engagement: using a constructed linear ‘sound- piece’ to reflect on the What, How and Where of curriculum  Alison McCamley and Jane Fearon
Expert teaching? Graham Holden
Academic Language and Literacies: Integrating academic literacy development into the mainstream to promote student success Judith Axelby
Researching the long-tail learning effect on alumni collaborating in the Wind Tunnel project: focus on research methodology Manuela Trejo Ramirez, Jonathan Potts, and Anne Nortcliffe
Full Abstract and digital presentation Presenter(s)
Should we be concerned about student attendance or their engagement? (A pilot for Accounting students: Student engagement via regular summative assessment) Glen Cookson and Gary Stead
Are ‘graduate skills’ a thing of the past? Rachel Maxwell
“Student Success – my story” includes digital presentations Hosted by:
Abubakar Muhammed
From Elusive to Inclusive: Normalising Inclusion Marissa Hill, Jo Fleming and Laura Mella
Thinking Creatively about Teaching in HE – An Educational Treasure Hunt Rachel Stone and Sylvia Ashton
The emotional dimension of training to teach in the primary classroom: implications for support and pedagogy in ITE Sally Hinchliff
Transforming teaching through Transformative Learning Andrew Middleton, Chris Cutforth and TL SIG


Full Abstract and digital presentation Presenter(s)
 Finding a place for academic skills development at SHU Dr Kirsty Hemsworth and Jennifer Fearon
Show me what you think?  using user experience (UX) feedback with students to improve library services Alexander Buchanan, Nicola Barraclough, Poppy Secker and Hannah Smith
Challenging our beliefs in technology (an exercise in critical thinking) Helen Rodger and Juliun Ryan
How can learning walks foster creativity and belonging in Higher Education? Media Arts Walking Research Group and Annie Watson
 World Café – Achieve Projects Hosted by: Dr. Graham Holden
Achieve Project – in action – case studies of specific projects Katie Wall, Ann Norton and Luke Desforges
Achieve Project in action – case studies of specific projects Mel Lindley and Ian Glover
Achieve Project in action – case studies of specific projects Paul Hays and Esther Kent
Achieve Project in action – case studies of specific projects Mary Dawson and Judith Axelby
The impact of teaching Motivational Interviewing on the communication skills of Specialist Community Public Health Nursing students Pat Day and Gayle Hazelby
How do we communicate with Students? Ailsa Hogg, Georgina Newton and Megan Jones
Full Abstract and digital presentation Presenter(s)
Recent progress in automated monitoring of students’ attendance using an RFID reader Alexander Kalashnikov, Dr Hongwei and Mishko Abramriuk
Placement Year Entrepreneurship Scheme: “employability is the last thing my module is about!” Hilary Cunliffe-Charlesworth and Yen-My Phung
“I would like to start thinking about my future career but don’t know where to start”: Exploring hesitation to help make career planning manageable for students Laura Kerley and Ben Offiler
The Student Voice in the Department of Humanities: Collaboration with Students to Enhance Assessment and Feedback. Sue McPherson and Adam Woodward
The CAFE’ project – What works in assessment and feedback? Helen Kay and Jess Whitby
The CAFE’ project – Participants’ reflections and perceptions of student-led focus groups Helen Kay and Ruth Squires
Conveying the tears behind the stories in child and adolescent mental health through distance learning Pat Day and Greg Thomas
Early Intervention as an Approach to Retention Lucy Cheesman, Nick Smith, Claire Tate, Emily Evans and Anita Worth
How peer / friendship groups form, and their effect on engagement and attainment Dr Mel Lacey, Miss A Hussain, Dr S Campbell and Dr D Smith
Experiencing Padlet and Pebblepad in a pedagogically designed online experience in student learning Richard McCarter and James Blackburn
What SHAPE is your teaching practice? James Titterton and Fiona Griffiths
South Yorkshire Futures – social mobility for all Debbie Squires
Hallam Guild – current plans and future projects for the Guild David Kyffin

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Full Abstract and digital presentation Presenter(s)
Building a Family – Developing a Course Identity Week Sarah Wenham, Jude Langson, Kim Longbon and Chris Platts
Building reflexive practitioners: Engaging students with teaching of research methods Dr Lada Price and Mark Subryan
Researching the long-tail learning effect on alumni collaborating in the Wind Tunnel project: focus on research methodology Manuela Trejo Ramirez, Jonathan Potts, and Anne Nortcliffe
 The CAFE’ project – a course’s experience of the project Helen Kay, Will Jones and Holly Castleton
Exploring the impact of digital examinations on student retention Stuart Hepplestone and Jayne Revill
 “The Experiment- Writing Forum “: in tempore feedback on writing to support student learning with both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Michele Lockwood-Edwards and Pauline Daubney
Enhancing student engagement and retention Natalie Jeffcock and Carolyn Taylor
Tutors Talking Cathy Malone, Claire Holland, Jude Langdon and Jill Dickinson
Current Topics in Skills Development Susanne Diamond and Cathy Pink


Full Abstract and digital presentation Presenter(s)
 Writing circles and retreats as tools for enhancing student’s writing: ‘Will there be a writing circle soon? They’ve really helped with my grades’ Charlotte Coleman, Sue Jamieson-Powell
and Cathy Malone
Engaging, including and activating: multimedia learning scholarship for the visual revolution 

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David Roberts, SFHEA
 ‘Weighed down by words’…a SHU ‘Learning Enhancement and Academic Development’ project on academic writing Stuart Hilland
Wargaming in the Lecture Room Alan Marshall
 Are we making progress? – facilitating a response  Ashley Barnes
Exploring Holistic Assessment James Corazzo
Questioning Assumptions Paddy Turner
Learning through visual literacies Helen Rodger and Andrew Middleton

The BME attainment gap – what do we know about it and what can we do?

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Sheffield Hallam University

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