Exhibition stalls

During the conference breaks, we are looking at displaying information about projects and activities that are happening in the University. If you fancy showcasing some work that you have done or want to spread the word about something, please contact the Conference Team for more details.

Here’s what we have on offer so far!

Directorate of Education and Employer Partnership (DEEP) / Careers and Employability Service
Enterprise Team: Caroline Nouvellon, Andrew Finney, Rob King, Tam Do

The Enterprise Team will be using this opportunity to promote our services to academics i.e. self-employment support for both students and graduates.

We want to raise our profile amongst academics in order to encourage better collaboration on courses in terms of enterprise skills development input / placement programmes (entrepreneurship); and business competitions

Take a look at our website for more details!


Registry Services, Assessment, Awards and Regulations
Laura Ottery, Denise Elliott, Cheryl Woods, Melanie Inman, Gillian Taylor, Jackie Clark, Pete Sweeney, Jess Proctor and Claire Tate

Assessment, Awards and Regulations (AAR) will be present to highlight some of the key regulatory changes for 2017/18, covering topics such as academic conduct, compensation, progression, disciplinary and suspension regulations, and exemptions.

We are also keen to hear from module and course teams about what other areas for review would be of benefit.

Library Learning and Teaching Support Team
Karen Dolman, Emma Finney, Simon Quinn and Sandy Buchanan

Come and hear about our new approaches to supporting students information skills development that the Library L&T Support Team are developing for 2017/18 including:

  • a new interactive online skills package for level 6 and 7 HWB students
  • a new online resource Search Start to help develop level 4 students basic information skills
  • a new teaching toolkit to introduce students to Referencing and to APA
  • a new teaching toolkit for RefWorks

People Development Team (HR)
Laura Bramhall, Kelly Cookson, Katie Leeman and Tracey Parr

We will host a stall representing staff development support at SHU. Specifically we will have information on Staff Wellbeing support, the new Performance Development Review process (launched in May 17), change support and our new staff mentoring network (launched May 17).

We can also provide information on staff development opportunities in general e.g. The Headstart scheme, Aspire mentoring scheme etc.

Team intranet site: https://portal.shu.ac.uk/departments/HRD/development/Pages/home.aspx

Staff Wellbeing site: https://portal.shu.ac.uk/departments/wellbeing/Pages/Wellbeing.aspx

Sheffield Business School and Facilities Directorate
Christine Gilligan, Senior lecturer and Katie Stead, Sustainability and Energy Strategy Manager

Sheffield Business School (SBS) have succeeded in embedding sustainability into every postgraduate and undergraduate course, achieving the faculty’s strategic aim of incorporating corporate social responsibility and ethics into teaching. This was part of their commitment to the UN directed Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) project.

Additionally, the National Union of Students (NUS) state that sustainability can and should be embedded into any curriculum.

SBS and the SHU Sustainability team invite you to come and find out more about how you can engage your students with sustainable development.

For more information on SBS and their work with the PRME initiative visit: http://www.sustainabilityexchange.ac.uk/green_gown_awards_2016_learning_and_skills_shef

To read more about Sustainability at the University look here:

Sheffield Hallam Students’ UnionHallam Union Logo Maroon -Full
Dan Williams

Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union provides a wide range of opportunities for students to develop themselves, get involved in their local community, make new friends and have fun. The Student Opportunities team (encompassing Volunteering and Community, Societies, Events & Trips and Skills & Training) have a strategic focus on developing life-changing opportunities for students and will be on hand to discuss our full offer, the benefits to students and the processes we work by.