Academic Development and Events

Here we present a range of academic professional development events and activities. We will highlight activities that are hosted by Hallam colleagues alongside any external activities that are relevant to the theme. 

Click on one of the following headings to access further information.

Key Stakeholders

Our range of stakeholders who contribute to and support development of our academic colleagues. Are you interested in being part of our academic development work? Contact us for further details. 

Professional development event and activities

Here we present an A-Z of development activities under a range of themes that are hosted by colleagues from across the university as well as highlighting related external events. Click on the relevant theme for more details.

Feedback and engagement

If you have any feedback or comments about academic development or would like to suggest areas of activities that would be of benefit  to the wider academic community, let us know. 


Key stakeholders

Here we present our key stakeholders who facilitate and manage our academic professional development events and activities programmes. If you’d like to be part of this group, please contact Academic Development & Diversity

Academic Development and Diversity Team (ADD)

Manage the academic development events database platform which aims to provide an overview of academic development events, conferences and workshops that appear on our Professional development events and activities list below. The database has a search function which allows you to search for activities taking place within a specific month / year and the category of the activity.  These sessions may also be of interest to the wider university community. All events and activities that are hosted here will be promoted through our Academic Contacts and Communications

Are you or your team wanting to offer any development opportunities for colleagues or share practice? You can promote your activities and resources, such as recordings and events on our academic development events database. Please complete our academic development facilitator form.  

College / Departmental activities

To hear more about academic development and the range of activities available both centrally and within College/Departments, you can also speak with your Head of Teaching and Learning or visit the respective College’s LTA webpages:

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Digital Learning Team

The Digital Learning Team supports the development of academic teaching and learning practice through the use of digital technologies across all of the academic departments in the institution. They offer support on teaching technologies such as the virtual learning environment, interactive tools, content creation, resource sharing and collaboration, e-Portfolio tools, video conferencing, screen casting and lecture capture. Visit the Digital Capability section below for more details.

Digital Skills Hub

This Digital Skills Hub is a resource to help build digital confidence and increase the digital capability of everyone at Hallam. We are always exploring a wide range of apps and technologies so that we can add to the content on the Digital Skills Hub. It’s purpose is to help support you adopting the best of current, new and developing technology.  Visit the Digital Capability section below for more details.

HROD – staff development

The Organisational Performance and Culture Team within HROD co-ordinate staff learning and development opportunities across the University including e-learning, courses and our management development programmes. There are a number of activities that staff can engage in. Take a look at the Professional development events and activities below for more details. 

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Professional Development Events and Activities 

Here we present a wide range of development opportunities primarily aimed at our academic colleagues but we welcome engagement from our professional services colleagues.  Click on the themes to find our more.


Advance HE


Take a look at the Advance HE 2020-21 membership logo and benefits for our academic community.  All staff at Hallam have institutional membership, register for an Advance HE Connect account and get access to a wide range of webinars and events. 

Upcoming events and activities

Monthly: The International Collaboratory for Leadership in Universally Designed Education (INCLUDE) is pleased to announce our upcoming Professional Development Webinar series for 2021. Each month, a free 1-hour webinar will be hosted by INCLUDE. 

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Academic Advising (AA)


Take a look at the Academic Advising training and development page for details of all training and development opportunities for our academic adviser community. On behalf of Melissa Jacobi, Director Academic Advising, we are hosting:

Upcoming events and activities

Attendees should have already completed the Being an Academic Adviser mandatory Blackboard Training. 

Academic Essentials

Do you or your course/module teams have trouble locating the right teaching and learning guidance and resources?  If you’d like us to come along to one of your departmental or course/module team meetings, contact Academic Development & Diversity.

Academic Practice

If you would like to share your practice, be that via a screencast or workshop, complete our academic development facilitator form. This will feed into our events calendar and allow colleagues to join in.  

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Access and Participation 

If you would like to share your practice, be that via a screencast or workshop, compete our academic development facilitator form. This will feed into our events calendar and allow colleagues to join in. 



Visit the Higher and Degree Apprenticeship academic resource site for further guidance on apprenticeships and work-based learning.

**Upcoming events**

Apprenticeships Delivery – Community of Practice Event (NCEDA)
Tuesday 29th June 2021 2pm – 5pm

Open to all interested colleagues. Join the Higher and Degree Apprenticeships (HDA) conversation in our MS Team channel, where registration details will be posted shortly.

Here are some emerging flexible themes for case study presentations / facilitated workshops:

  • Research informed Apprenticeships
  • OfSTED training resources and staff support
  • Onboarding – MAYTAS, Milestones, Individualisation in curriculum
  • ACIP and SEE  (e.g. Embedding EDI / British Values…)
  • EPA roadmaps (new designs and addressing legacy provision)
  • Work-integrated Assessment
  • Update on ‘Higher Technical Qualifications’ 

Please contact Sam Moorwood, Head of Work Based Learning, with your expression of interest to join the team of facilitators. Any presentations will be short and sharp, so there will be time for breakout discussions. Feel free to suggest other themes in your Eol. 

Course Leadership

There are a number of opportunities that support our course leaders to:

Creating Knowledge

22nd – 25th June 2021 – The Creating Knowledge Conference brings together researchers from across the University, this year under the broad theme of Borderless Research. The four days will offer a range of sessions designed to showcase the excellence and diversity of Hallam’s research and innovation work, to share research practice and engender a supportive and inclusive research culture.  You can register for the event via Eventbrite

Cultural Calendar


The Cultural Calendar was developed to help raise awareness and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of our community at Sheffield Hallam University and is a practical tool which will help with planning meetings, exams or events when a portion of staff and students may be unavailable. 

Upcoming events and activities – June 2021
  • 16th June – SIKHSIM – martyrdom of Guru Arjan
  • 22nd June – Windrush Day

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Degree Awarding Gap

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Digital Capability

The Digital Capability Programme covers a wide range of digital development and resources covering the following themes. 

Inclusive Essentials: Formative Feedback 

Monday 14th June: 10am – 11am. Hosted by Academic Development & Diversity, this 60 minute session seeks to:

  • Explore approaches to feedback and the implications, challenges and benefits of these (face to face, instant feedback,  formative, peer feedback).
  • Provide examples of how you can embed assessment literacy.
  • Reflect upon the language we use in feedback to ensure it is inclusive.
  • Reserve your place.
Inclusive Essentials: Assessment

Friday 25th June: 10am – 11am. Hosted by Academic Development & Diversity, this 60 minute session seeks to: 

  • Explore the practices and approaches you can adopt to ensure that all students are able to use assessment to successfully demonstrate learning.
  • Discuss how we present and organise learning outcomes so that they are achievable by all students from a diverse range of backgrounds and impairments.
  • Look at practical steps you can take to ensure assessments offer the opportunity for students to draw upon their own background and experiences.
  • Reserve your place
Inclusive Essentials

Hosted by Academic Development & Diversity, come along and explore the approaches and techniques you can employ to maximise the impact of your materials. These 40 minute sessions will:

  • Highlight the features and practices that help you work in an inclusive way.
  • Outline the steps you can take to ensure your content is accessible to all.
  • Highlight the resources available to support your use of this tool.
  • Equip you with resources you can use to support your students digital skill development.
  • Signpost the resources and support available to help you develop these skills further.


Digital Thursday’s

Access to a wide range of resources from past sessions.

Digital Learning Seminars

Hosted by the Digital Learning Team:

Digital Accessibility
Digital Skills Hub

Microsoft Teams – recordings, resources and best practice.

Digital Tools and Platforms

Guides – guidance and resources for digital platforms and tools such as Blackboard, Turnitin, PebblesPad, Live and Pre-Recorded Lectures and the platforms to support.

External Events and Activities


Take a look at the Digital Capability, Skills and Support overview. 

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

You can read all about Sheffield Hallam’s commitment to advancing equality of opportunity, experience and outcome, ensuring that students and staff realise their full potential on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) overview webpage. Here are a collection of EDI related events and activities. Click on the titles to jump to the respective content. 

Black Inclusion Week  *  Black History Month  *  Disability    *  External EDI themed    *  Gender    *  Inclusive Employers    *  Inclusive Hallam   *   Inclusive Practice   *  International Women’s Day    *  LGBT+    *  National Inclusion Week   *   Race    *  Religion / Non-Religion    *  Trans

Black Inclusion Week

10th May – 16th May 2021 – Black Inclusion Week – Be the change! Visit and HROD’s Black Inclusion Week page for more details. 

Black History Month

**Upcoming events**

External EDI themed events 
    • Pearn Kandola – “We want to make the modern workplace fair for everyone by promoting Diversity & Inclusion and eradicating prejudice and unfairness. We are psychologists and, as such, know the importance of difference to the success of your business and your employees”. Read more about Pearn Kandola. You can access a wide range of EDI related webinars
    • 7th and 8th July 2021 – The People, Place and Policy Conference 2021 will be fully online and the theme for the conference is Division and Unity. Keynotes: Dr Mia Gray from the University of Cambridge. Further information and to reserve your place. 
    • 13th July 2021Men and Flexible Working – 11.05am – 11.55am. All employees, regardless of reason and whether men or women, have had the right to request flexible working since 2014; and since 2003, if they were parents or carers. Yet the take up of formal flexible working (and particularly part-time working) remains massively female. The motherhood penalty is very real, and plays out in most workplaces, which become less female, more male in more senior roles. What can be done to encourage and support more men to work flexibly? Why does this matter in any case?  Further information and to reserve your place.  

Ensuring that we have a genuine, abiding and enduring commitment to gender equality and working practices must be a fundamental part of our culture. The diversity of our workforce is of critical importance in drawing together the talent, skills and experience on which we depend. Gender is important for SHU for so many reasons:  Enhanced collaboration, differing perspectives, a better reflection of our students, improved recruitment and retention – diverse talent that we can grow, nurture and promote.  Take a look at HROD’s Gender page for more details.

Visit Pearn Kandola to see their latest webinar series on gender equality in organisations.

Inclusive Employers 

Are the first and leading membership organisation for employers who want to build inclusive workplaces: places where all employees are valued and contribute towards the success of the organisation.  Visit the Inclusive Employers website and subscribe to hear all about their work and development opportunities. 

Inclusive Hallam

The Inclusive Hallam Event Series are monthly online inclusion events exploring some of society’s most challenging equality, diversity and inclusion issues and asking: “What can we all do to help make inclusion the norm within our communities and wider society?”

Take a look at our video where Kevin Kerrigan, PVC for Business & Enterprise, and ULT Equality & Diversity Champion for Race, talks about his realisation that white privilege has shielded him from the harsh realities faced by racially minoritised people.

If you didn’t get to attend any of the past events, you can access the recordings and further information here: 

You can also see further guidance and resources under:

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Inclusive Practice

Take a look at the Applied Inclusive Practice for guidance on applying inclusive practice within your course/module and events and activities for a range of resources from past events.

20th May 2021  marked the tenth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), and it doesn’t need to end there. Please join us to continue to spread awareness. The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

*Upcoming Events**

Community of Inclusive Practice: A Hallam Guild Group. Taken from the Lean Coffee concept, the CIP Coffee sessions 2020/21 will be structured but without an agenda. The group will build topics for discussion together, depending on current issues. This way they can support real time concerns and focus on the needs of the group. Coming up!


International Women’s Day (IWD)

Look at the Inclusive Hallam Event Series to see how they celebrated LGBT+ history month.

**Upcoming events**

Pride Month – June 2021
Pride Month is celebrated every June in tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Riots, the protests that changed gay rights for a lot of people in America and beyond, and is dedicated to celebrating LGBT+ communities all around the world. It’s about people coming together in love and friendship, to show how far gay rights have come, even if in some places there’s still work to be done. Pride month is about teaching tolerance, education in pride history and continuing to move forward in equality. At Sheffield Hallam University, we welcome diversity and encourage everyone to be their authentic selves. You can find out more on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion site

National Inclusion Week
    • 2021 – coming soon.
    • 2020 – take a look at the National Inclusion Week 28th September – 4th October hosted at Sheffield Hallam range of events and activities
    • 2020 – thank you to the millions of people who #Each1Reach1 for Inclusion Week’ Take a look at the Inclusive Employers website and sign up for National Inclusion Week 2021, 27th September – 3rd October.

Take a look at the Inclusive Hallam Event Series to see more information on their ‘Let’s get comfortable talking about race’ series.  

You can also see further guidance and resources under:

  • Race – HROD’s staff guidance page.
  • Degree Awarding Gap – academic resources to support course and module leaders.
**Upcoming events**

Online activity

The Academic Development & Diversity team has developed an asynchronous resource to support colleagues to explore this topic in more detail. ‘Micro? Aggressions – recognise, reflect, resist’ is an hour long interactive online session, seeking to identify and raise awareness of the nature and impact of microaggressions and micro-inequities in their various guises. The session proposes two ‘acts of resistance’ that can frame our responses to actions which foster change.

Religion / Non-Religion

Tackling antisemitism: practical guidance for universities – developed by Universities UK – June 2021.

There are many religious / non-religious events and activities and these can be found on our Cultural Calendar.

**Upcoming events**


Sheffield Hallam University is a place where everyone can be their authentic selves and where difference is respected, valued and welcomed. This is includes but is not limited to LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans) staff, students and visitors. The Trans page is designed all staff with an opportunity to build their awareness and understanding about the lived experiences of trans and non-binary people, proving practical advice and guidance on supporting staff and students.

Also look at the LGBT+ section above.  

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Evaluation Exchanges. 
    • Are open to all university staff. These sessions provide an opportunity for staff to drop-in at any point during the sessions to discuss all things evaluation.
    • Take a look at the Your Evaluative Mindset resources.
External Examining (EE).
Hallam Guild.
Hallam Model.
    • Hosted at the Course Leader Winter Fest Programme December 2020: recorded session explored progress made with the implementation of the Hallam Model and provided academic staff an opportunity to share examples of innovative practice and identify what further support may be required and what barriers there may be to the effective implementation of the Hallam Model. There is an expectation that all courses have embed the principles of the Hallam Model by September 2021. 
    • Once you have viewed this recording, please visit the Hallam Model Support and Resources SharePoint site

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Higher Education Progression Partnership (Hepp)

Welcome to HeppHUB. Working across the Sheffield City Region to encourage more children, young people and adults to consider higher education opportunities. 

17th June – a virtual CPD event from 5pm – 5.45pm which will include discussions around whether university level education is still worth it post Covid-19. Aimed at parents and carers of students aged 11+ (or those interested in this topic) are invited to join us answering the following questions:

  • Is university level education still worth it?
  • What are the benefits in 2021 and what are the financial implications?
  • How can I help my young person know more about their progression options after school and beyond?
  • Reserve your place.   
In Conversation.

A series of short video podcasts showcasing our academic colleagues’ experiences of delivering teaching and learning during the pandemic. Each podcast is structured around a specific theme where colleagues can explore the challenges of delivery in the digital void, provide practical solutions and share best practice. 

Learning and Teaching Conference

**Upcoming event**   

Transforming Learning Conference 2021

The 2021 Sheffield Hallam University Teaching and Learning Conference will be held online on the 13 and 14 September 2021 – please save the date!

This year has pushed the boundaries of our teaching and learning practices. The Transforming Learning Conference provides an exciting opportunity for colleagues to share their innovative T&L practices and showcase student-staff collaborations, disseminate research and evaluation findings, and celebrate our Inspirational Teacher and Outstanding Student Support and Academic Adviser Colleagues. The conference is shaped around the four Hallam Model principles, and will reflect on our diversity and inclusivity, identifying changes we can make for the forthcoming year and beyond.

Call for abstracts now open. Staff are invited to submit abstracts sharing their practice and/or research findings in the following areas: Engage; Challenge; Collaborate; Thrive.

For more detailed information and to submit your abstract, please visit the conference intranet page.


Visit HROD staff development pages on coaching and mentoring guidance 

**Upcoming events**

The New Beginnings Project, run by Voluntary Action Sheffield, supports asylum seekers and refugees’ integration into Sheffield life through volunteering, employment, education, and mentoring. 

Hallam staff have for many years mentored people who are settled in the UK and ready to work or study, but we’re now looking for more volunteers to be mentors, as part of our commitment to supporting access to higher education for refugees. The role is open to all staff with support and guidance available. Mentoring requires a small commitment from you but can make a transformational change in someone’s life.

To find out more about what’s involved, please refer to the FAQs. If you are interested and would like to find out more, Voluntary Action Sheffield are holding briefing sessions on Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 June at 10am. You can find out more and register via Eventbrite

Module Leadership.

There are a number of opportunities that support our module leaders to:

Enhance and develop their role of course leader: take a look at the Principles of Module Leadership for further guidance on developing the role.  

Enhance and develop their course: for guidance and resources take a look at Support for course and module design and delivery overview.  

Opportunities to join our course leaders at the annual networking Fest event: take a look at the Course Leader Events and Activities page for upcoming and past programmes and resources.

Take a look at the Academic Induction, Careers and Work Planning overview for more details. 

Online Tutorials

Monthly opportunities to view screencasts and videos that provide a ‘how to’ or provide you with recordings of past activities that align to the university’s strategy.

Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs)

Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQs): EvaMetrics Tutorial are end to end guidance on new functionality which allows module leaders to acknowledge and feed back to students’ comments. 

Race Equity

Student Data Development sessions: Bitesize sessions – a range of online tutorials and past resources to guide you through The Source.

Professorship and Associate Professorship

New applications are now being taken for the Professorship and Associate Professorship progression 2020/21.

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Our Advance HE accredited professional recognition scheme supporting staff applying for fellowship, with a year round programme of monthly development workshops and writing retreats, a range of resources and opportunities for mentoring support. 


Provides a regular opportunity to engage with and reflect upon literature and research that challenges and engages.

Read: Publication by Gurnam Singh, entitled Decolonising pedagogy and e learning: challenges and possibilities –   Let us have your thoughts and feedback on this piece

UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT).

Take a look at the range of upcoming and past events and activities.

SOURCE – data and reporting.

Student Data Development sessions: Bitesize sessions – a range of online tutorials and past resources to guide you through The Source.

Take a look at the Support for Course and Module Design and Delivery overview for further guidance and resources. 

Staff Wellbeing.


Here at Hallam our Wellbeing Calendar reflects the wide range of wellbeing awareness campaigns that take place each year both in the UK and Internationally.  This calendar supports the University Staff Health, Wellbeing and Welfare Plan

Pearn Kandola – “We want to make the modern workplace fair for everyone by promoting Diversity & Inclusion and eradicating prejudice and unfairness. We are psychologists and, as such, know the importance of difference to the success of your business and your employees”. Read more about Pearn Kandola. You can also access a wide range of their Wellbeing related webinars.  

**Upcoming events**

9th June Life after lockdown support workshop: As we continue with the journey out of lockdown and the easing of restrictions, HROD has partnered with IAPT to deliver an online workshop, supporting staff and students to adjust and adapt to a ‘new world’. The session aims to provide advice and support to help you calm your body, find a new routine and feel more confident in returning to your usual activities. Read more and book your place.

Take a look at their free live webinar series that are exclusively for our partners focusing on looking after your mental wellbeing. Coming up in June 2021:

  • 8th June 2021How to Foster a Growth Mindset: 3:00pm.
  • 16th June 2021 – Thrive + Prostate Cancer UK – Prostate Cancer & Mental Health Panel Discussion: 11:00am. Hosted by Andres Fonseca, Consultant Psychiatrist plus John Robertson, Specialist Clinical Nurse at PCUK and John Rebholz, guest with lived experience.
  • You can also watch their previous webinars

Sign up to Beat the Street
June 2021 is ‘Move More month’ and getting out and about as much as possible is good for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

One way to get active is to sign up to Beat the Street, Sheffield – a City-wide mass participation game to get everyone moving. It starts on Wednesday 16 June and runs for 6 weeks but you can sign up now so that you’re ready to take part. You can register as an individual or together as a team to earn points, raise money for charity and win prizes as you walk, cycle, run, scoot or roll across the area. There are Beat Boxes to tap all over Sheffield and round about the University. Find out more on the staff Health Wellbeing and Welfare site.


Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA)

Supporting and leading education change – events, publications and resources

Student Systems

Academic Services provides a dedicated SITS Help Service Desk that offers first and second line student systems and process support to University staff and students. Visit:

Academic Services: Student Systems Support and Training for further details.

Online Tutorials section above for development and training opportunities. 


Supporting our Students.

A new Supporting our Students Module has been created to give clear information and guidance on the Student Support Offer for 2020/21. All student-facing staff are encouraged to complete this to ensure they have a full understanding about the services available and the appropriate referral paths for accessing help and support. 

Feedback and Engagement

This page is maintained by the Academic Development & Diversity Team and if you’d like to contribute to this programme or wish to discuss your personal and team development needs, please contact the team

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