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June 11, 2021

New event – Emancipating the mind – Hallam Race Network

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds” Bob Marley – Redemption Songs.

‘Decolonising The Mind and Other Tricks’ is a presentation focusing on how colonisation has affected the way our minds see the world and how this can lead to discrimination and bias. In this talk, our guest speaker Jass Thethi explores the steps we can take as individuals to remove this colonised lens and work to view the world through a social justice model and become allies to minoritised groups.

Jass Thethi is the Managing Director and Founder of Intersectional GLAM (Galleries, Libraries Archives and Museums), Well Spoken Tokens and the Intersectional GLAM CIC and 2021 Conference: Disrupt and Empower. She have been described as a Leader of Diversity and Inclusion, Mentor, Philanthropist and pain in the ass to the Status Quo. She has published academic papers and work from her blog posts are used in academic archival courses. She has have worked with UK and international organisations to develop their diversity, inclusion and intersectionality.

The Hallam Race Network welcomes Jass Theti to Sheffield Hallam University. Reserve your place.