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May 18, 2021

Black Inclusion Week – be the change!

Black Inclusion Week was hosted Monday 10th May to Sunday 16th May and was an opportunity for all across the UK to celebrate Black people in the UK and to remember the importance of building a fair and just society through the inclusion of everyone.

In case you missed it, take a look at these recent recordings and resources which are powerful to explore with both students and staff:

Is my uni racist?

Britain’s universities are some of the most prestigious in the world, but are they safe places for students of colour? Reporter Linda Adey investigates the experiences of black and ethnic minority students at British unis and examines what happens when victims of racist abuse at university want to complain. Watch the BBC iPlayer video to learn more.

Leigh-Anne: Race, Pop & Power

Gripping and moving documentary by Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix. Leigh-Anne explores racism within the music industry and draws on her experiences. A key message from the document is how we can use our voices and platforms to effect change. Watch the BoB video to learn more**

Black History Month – Reading Lists Online

You can find a range of books and articles to celebrate and explore themes related to Black Lives Matter. All the resources listed are in the Hallam Library collections and are available to borrow for free by Sheffield Hallam University students or staff. Visit the Library Reading Lists Online page to learn more.

Degree Awarding Gap

The degree awarding gap has been a longstanding issue in higher education. The nature of the gap suggests that there is a need for “institutional actors” to develop our understanding of structural and institutional racism in order to make a difference in student outcomes and experience.  

The Race Equity Activity Library (REAL) resources are aligned with what the NUS/UUK report (2019) identified were the key components that made a difference in race equity in the university and provide a framework for activities which can support your team to develop your racial literacy. 

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)**

BoB is Learning on Screen’s on demand TV and radio service for education. This academically-focused system allows staff and students to record programmes from over 75 free-to-air channels; and search our archive of over 2.2 million broadcasts. Visit the Library pages to learn more.

  • To create a themed playlist, you would need to sign up to BoB and their process only has a couple of steps.
  • To sign up, you follow the onscreen instructions when you go to BoBs home page.
  • From the A-Z list of database go to section B. You will have access to tutorial guides on how to use this platform
  • You can then search for the programme and add it to a playlist.
  • You can access guidance on how to make playlists. A playlist should remain static so when you log out and then log back in… the recording will be there on your playlist.

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