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February 23, 2021

Spotlight On: Student Engagement – online

Welcome to our Spotlight On Series.

Blog Posts that aim to highlight good practice and support from colleagues at Hallam.

Today: Student Engagement – online

1.Fostering student engagement online
Juliun Ryan, Senior Lecturer/Principal Learning Technologist, Digital Learning Team, SETL.

In this session participants reflected on how to provide an online teaching experience that fosters active learning, not just transmission of content. A companion to Stuart Hepplestone’s Measuring student engagement session below, participants explored practical ways to foster engagement by adapting and implementing Hallam’s Learner Engagement Toolkit to their context. Participants were encouraged to share their first-hand experience, challenges and successes with respect to fostering student engagement.  Take a look at;

2.Measuring student engagement.
Stuart Hepplestone Digital Learning Team, SETL.

This session presented a range of tools on how to measure and observe student engagement with online learning and how to target support in order to improve student success and increase retention. Take a look at;

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