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February 8, 2021

Hallam Guild event: It’s all about Ethics – 25 February

The Teaching Research Methods Forum is organised by the Research Methods@SHU Hallam Guild group, and is open to anyone involved in dissertation supervision or teaching research methods at any level. The forum provides an opportunity for members to meet together to discuss common challenges and share approaches to the design and delivery of research-focused teaching.

The theme of the next forum taking place on 25th February (10am-11.30am) is “It’s all about Ethics”: A comprehensive overview of ethical issues for research method modules. If you would like to attend this free session, please sign up at:

Antonia Ypsilanti (Assoc. Professor in Cognitive Psychology at PSP, and Chair of Research Ethics for Taught Programs for the College of Social Sciences and Arts) and Diarmuid Verrier (Senior Lecturer in Psychology at PSP, member of the Research Ethics Committee for Social Sciences and Arts), will talk about ethical issues in taught programs. Their presentation will be followed by informal discussion (Q&A), with the opportunity to ask any questions you have about your own modules, and to share good practice in encouraging students to engage with ethical issues and teaching ethics in research methods modules.

Their talk will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the Research Ethics Structure for Taught Programs at SHU (who is who)
  • New UREC forms and how to use them
  • Ethical issues associated with online data collection (online interviews, surveys, secondary data)
  • Category Approvals for Research Methods modules (when and how to use them)
  • How are ethics taught in Psychology – Good Practices
  • Online training for students (Epigeum modules and how to use them)
  • Completing Ethics forms with students (for supervisors and module leaders) and how to submit forms in BlackBoard
  • Q&A

The event will take place on Zoom, and a link will be sent to participants in advance of the session. If you have any questions, or if you have any ideas about topics you would like to see covered in future sessions, please contact Kerry McSeveny,

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