Do you want to develop your digital confidence?

Is this you?

..You think you have a harder time with technology than those around you feel overwhelmed by the digital world, unable to catch or keep up with the pace of change only ever venture to try new things or tools when there’s absolutely no choice  ..and you know that you need to move beyond your comfort zone, but have no idea where, or how to begin. 

Many of us, no matter our role, can identify with the above in some small way, but for some it is a huge barrier that can’t be fixed by looking online, having a single conversation or ringing a helpdesk. If you think this is you, the following development opportunities may be of interest.  

From the end of February and through March 2019, we’re running two courses, – one online, and one face to face – both designed to actively support those most in need of building positive relationships with technology. The courses use discussion and activities to encourage reflection on your experiences, beliefs and attitudes; you’ll learn strategies that will help build your personal resilience and confidence, and you will explore and experience technology in ways that are meaningful to you. You’ll design and complete your own project (non-assessed) that is relevant to you (this could be anything from – understanding how to store and manage your files; exploring a new tool; interacting with University systems, or navigating between different windows on your machine – anything that you may have struggled with). 

By participating in either of these courses you will be able to tackle digital challenges in constructive ways that help to build your confidence, and give you a good foundation for further development.                                              

The courses are open to all Hallam Staff.

Course 1: Face to Face (f2f)

Suitable if you are really struggling and would value ring-fenced, face-to-face time and space as part of a small group.
You would need to attend all four weekly sessions of this course, taking place on Wednesday afternoons at City Campus from 1.30 – 4.30pm. 27th February – 20th March

Course 2  Flexible online

Suitable if you feel you’re coping with technology, but it’s not an enjoyable experience. You will have guided space and time to suit you, but as a part of a learning community.
You would need to commit to 2 hours flexible engagement per week over 4 weeks from week commencing 25th February.   

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..There’s also the new Digital Essentials course

You don’t have to be on one of the above courses to start developing your digital confidence. All Hallam staff now have access to a new self-paced Digital Capability course in Blackboard – you can use it as a whole course to work through at your own pace, OR as a resource to find out more about a particular digital theme including:
– Identity – Developing and managing your online presence while staying healthy and safe
– Information – Finding and making use of materials created by other people
– Content – Creating effective resources for engaging and informing other people
– Collaboration – Working digitally with other people

To access this site, simply log into Blackboard and you will see “Digital Essentials – Digital Capability Course” listed in Blackboard Staff Sites.