Thinking Creatively about Teaching in HE – An Educational Treasure Hunt

A Teaching Survival Kit – what to do if you get shipwrecked mid-session……

Based on chapters from our recently published book, An A-Z of Creative Teaching in Higher Education (Ashton and Stone, 2018), this walkshop invites you to uncover the whereabouts of six interactive posters related to engaging students in teaching and learning. The common thread of these posters is the emphasis on actively engaging (and therefore keeping) students involved in their educational experiences. We draw on a range of research, practice and theory and encourage you to share your own thoughts and experiences. Every poster provides an opportunity not just to absorb new ideas but to add your own treasure to the hoard, and each one has a stimulus for further discussion with your colleagues as you wander along the trail.On your journey, as you discover each new poster, you will find yourself envisioning your ‘blue skies’ curriculum (Ashton and Stone, 2018), designing your ideal learning environment (Lippman, 2015), sharing ideas on how to encourage critical thinking (HEA, 2014), discussing ways to give quiet students a voice (Akinbode, 2015), swapping stories (Gottschall,2012) and considering how to negotiate student expectations (O’Shea, 2016). At the end of the poster trail we will gather together to exchange our thoughts and ideas.
Strand Student retention
Type ‘Walkshop’
Learning Objective(s) To share creative practices and ideas for student engagement and retention across subject disciplines and contexts, in relation to given themes
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