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Framework for Inclusive Co-Design of assessment literature

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

This project is an initiative of the HWB BAME Working Group and aimed to enhance the inclusivity of the literature drawn on in courses by involving a diverse student voice in the design of literature. The project is currently in the early stages of development and outcomes will not be fully realised until the 2018/19 academic year.

The framework and proof-of-concept testing will provide a tangible output, which can be shared for implementation elsewhere in the university. The inclusive approach will ensure that it is transferable, replicable and scalable.

For further information contact the project lead Catherine Arnold, c.arnold@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

Graduate Interns – Student Voice

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion (DECI)

The department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion employs three graduate interns. Part of their role is to undertake Listening Room projects with BAME students to understand their perspective on the attainment gap and what they believe would help to close the gap. This work will continue in the next academic year.

For further information contact the project lead Iain Garner


Status: ongoing

Migration, Refuge and the University Group

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities: Department of the Natural and Built Environment

This Hallam Guild group aims to champion issues around migration and migrant communities within the University. It will celebrate the contributions of international, migrant and displaced academics, researchers, students and professional staff within the Hallam community. It will also highlight the position of the University as an active participant within a global academic community. It will seek to grow the University’s stature in this role through engagement with and support for vulnerable and displaced scholars at Hallam and worldwide. Additionally, It will seek to develop resources and networks both internally and externally, to support new applied research and collaboration around themes of migration and refuge in Sheffield and globally.

The first major outcome of the group will be engagement of the University with Sheffield Refugee Week in June. The group is scheduled to run until the end of the 2019/20 academic year.

For further information contact the project lead Dr Jonathan Bridge, j.w.bridge@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

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