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The Nursing and Midwifery Minoritised Ethnic (NAMME) group

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Department of Nursing and Midwifery 

Within the Nursing and Midwifery department, Gary Souter established support groups for students. This included a Mature students group, a BAME students group and a Men in Nursing Together (MINT) group. Ifrah Salih took over the BAME student support group and actively recruited students for the group. This group aimed to provide students with an opportunity to talk about issues they’ve had on placement or around campus so that the department is able to gain more of an awareness of what is going on. Initial evaluation highlighted that the same students come each week and that these students are mostly postgraduate or mature students. As a result, the department is now looking at ways to grow the group and make it more appealing to all students. With that in mind, an Open Day is planned to try and recruit more students.

For further information contact the project lead Ifrah Salih, hwbis@exchange.shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

Placements Revealed: Phase 2

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Health and Social Care Departments

Placements Revealed is the next stage of the Placements Uncovered project. This project will include co-production with students to review the research findings and prioritise those projects which they believe will make a difference to the student experience. To do this the department aims to establish a BAME Stakeholder group (students, BAME graduates, academic staff, students union representatives and placement colleagues) who can help to understand the data and prioritise recommendations. Two students will also be employed to undertake a literature review of BAME healthcare students and placements.

For further information contact the project lead Jackie Parkin, j.parkin@shu.ac.uk and Julie Nightingale, j.nightingale@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

Exploring BAME students’ experiences with placements

Sheffield Business School (SBS)

This project aimed to explore BME engagement and experiences with the placement system from level 3-6. It aimed to identify the challenges students may face before and during placement and highlight what support/help can be provided to encourage students to apply for placements. The initiative strived to listen to the students and to put the students at the heart of the project.

The completed evaluation report for the project can be found here.

For further information contact the project lead Sabiyah Rafiq, sr8051@exchange.shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Addressing the barriers to student uptake of placements

Faculty of Science, Technology and Arts: Engineering and Maths

The project was instigated in recognition of the fact that BAME students do not apply for placements or are not successful in gaining placements to the same extent as non-BAME students. This in turn can impact on the attainment gap. Identifying barriers and required support was the first step. The longer-term objective is to see an increase in BAME students in the Engineering & Maths department taking up placements.

Based on questionnaires with students a number of interventions were proposed including creation of a student placement preparation file and providing timetabled opportunities to work on related activities; offering short internships/ placements; enabling work experience prior to placement; offering placements closer to home; and guest lectures about previous students’ experience of placements. Family awareness and the importance of undertaking a placement may encourage and support students.

Some things can be replicated and transferred readily:  e.g. ensuring placement preparation file is created and completed correctly. Due to scale, some of the other interventions (such as internships and summer placements) may be challenging to implement department-wide.

For further information contact the project lead Sajhda Parveen, s.parveen@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

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