Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Law and Criminology (DLC)

The aim of this project is to overcome barriers in relation to students experiencing a sense of ‘belonging’ at university, via a programme of activities including: Bespoke ‘meet and greet’/networking event for all students who identify as BAME; recruitment session for ambassadors/reps/buddies/ mentors to embed and enhance BAME student voice; monthly events/talks showcasing success run in collaboration with the Student Union; improved links with city events and student union events to better communicate activities. The project has led to a number of resources and events being put into place including an interactive map of outlets within Sheffield for BAME students e.g. places of worship, halal restaurants & African-Caribbean barbers/hairdressers; pre-enrolment blogs including screencasts by HOD from BAME background; more detailed induction packs including information on how they aim to reduce the gap; improving Academic Advisors allocations; morale boosting talks by current/past SHU BAME students, staff or professionals in induction week; and an Inspirational Week held in the first week of November 2018, including input from BAME roles models.

The interactive map along with better coordinated links with the Students Union is something that is transferable across the university. Depending on whether or not the feedback is positive the programme could be a model for any area/department to develop their own offer.

For further information contact the project lead Farrah Ali


Status: ongoing