Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Law and Criminology (DLC)

This student-led project aims to encourage a sense of belonging and self-belief in BAME students. A range of BAME mentors who work within the social/criminal justice or law area to the university have agreed to mentor Level 5 and 6 students. Students receive up to five meetings per year, whether that be face-to-face or virtual. From this, Level 5 and 6 students were also asked to be ‘buddies’ (mentors) for Level 4 students. During the inspirational week the department held a buddy event that aimed to establish buddies for Level 4 students. The mentor event in June 2018 and led by Jordan Hall was very productive and resulted in a number of decisions being made for academic year 2018/19. Case studies are currently being developed.

If this approach is shown to work, there are good grounds to roll out the intervention more widely. It should be relatively straightforward for other subject groups, departments and faculties to roll out this initiative, subject to exploration of reasons for potentially low levels of student engagement and how to tackle this.

For further information contact Tanya Miles-Berry, t.miles-berry@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing