Voice Recognition for Inline Grading

Voice recognition software can be used to reduce the amount of time spent typing. This can help you give comments on work using inline marking without typing.  This software is available on all Windows and Mac PCs. This guide will focus on accessing it using Windows.

On Windows the software is called: Speech Recognition

On Macs the software is called: Dictation and Speech



Windows Guide – Setup

It is best to do the setup process in a quiet place where you can freely speak.

  1. Click the Windows button and search for Speech Recognition.
  2. Follow the set up process. Make sure you select the right headset to be used and position this correctly.
  3. Adjust the volume. Make sure that when you speak normally the bar is moving within the green boundaries.
  4. You can allow Speech recognition to review your documents. This helps it to get used to the way you speak, and words that you commonly use.
  5. Select whether you want to manually or voice activate voice recognition.
  6. It is worth printing out the speech reference card to remind you of commands.
  7. Next complete the voice training tutorial. This will help the software to become used to your voice.


Windows Guide – Marking

Once speech recognition is set up you can use it to mark. Remember speech recognition improves the more you use it so the first few attempts may not be the most accurate.

  1. Go to Grade Centre and access the attempt you would like to mark.
  2. Add a comment to open the yellow box on the left.
  3. Now either manually or voice activate your voice recognition.
  4. Give your Feedback. You can now repeat this to give all the work feedback.
  5. Make sure you Save Draft or Submit the feedback before exiting the page.
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