Using Page Notes as a Comment Bank

The Chrome extension Page Notes can be used to create a comment bank from which you can copy and paste comments onto feedback in Crocodoc. This can be useful to copy generic comments easily onto assignments without opening documents or swapping tabs.

One restriction is that you can only have one set of comments for the entire of Shuspace.

Comment bank

  1. Go to the Chrome Web store
  2. Search for Page Notes
  3. Page notesAdd to Chrome > Add App
  4. Go to Shuspace. Click on the Page Notes icon . You can now write any comments in the top box you wish to reuse.
  5. Page notes 2Check the box to apply to all pages of the site.

When you now return to mark on Shuspace you can click on the Page notes tab to see the comments you have previously typed out. These now can be copied (ctrl + C) and Pasted (ctrl + P) in as feedback.


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