Teaching Software – App Hub

A new teaching software is being released for the academic year 2016/17 called App Hub. This software will be available on all computers and allows both staff and students access to new software which might not be available on the computer they are using.

App Hub is used across the UK and Europe by many large Universities, it is very similar to an app store allowing you to download software so you can run it on your PC. It is currently been tested by staff members in the university allowing different versions available for any PC without damaging the current performance of the managed desktop.

There are many benefits to using this software including freeing up computer space, optimising computer performance, providing better security and fixing errors in a quicker time frame.

IS&T will be putting instructions on managed desktops for the first weeks at the start of term and will also offer drop in sessions to help staff using the software.

For more information please visit: IS&T News – App Hub

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