Screencasting Feedback

Screencasting is a great way to provide Feedback and is already being used in many places in ACES. This post aims to provide a quick reference guide on how to record your feedback and upload it to Blackboard. Headsets can be borrowed from the ACES TEL team.

Before going to screencast make sure you close any additional programs / tabs which could interfere with the recording e.g. outlook.

Launching Screencast-o-matic

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the guidance on the IT help pages, this is kept up to date with the current password.


Setting up the Recording


  1. Select whether you would like to record your Screen, Webcam, or Both.
  2. A Max Time for recording can be set if wanted.
  3. The black and white box shows the area of the screen which is going to be recorded. This can be adapted using the Size options, or by dragging the corners of the box.
  4. Check the Narration tab has selected the right microphone you are planning to use. Check that a green bar appears when you speak to show that audio is being picked up.
  5. Select whether or not you want Computer Audio to be included in the Screencast.


Recording the Screencast

  1. Click record to start the 3 second countdown.
  2. Your audio, screen actions and cursor will all be recorded during this time.
  3. You can draw on the screen and highlight areas (These drawings will move down as you scroll so make sure you clear them before you move the page)
  4. You can pause the recording allowing you time to read the next section of the assignment before giving feedback. On the pause screen you have the option to skip back to the last pause point and rerecord from that point. This is particularly useful if you have made a mistake and would like to rerecord that section.
  5. When the video is completed click Done. This will take you to the editing area.
  6. Here you can review what you have recorded. You can drag the white bars to cut the start and end of the recording off if wanted. There is also the option to edit the recording which contains lots of useful features.


Uploading the Screencast to Blackboard

  1. Once you are happy with the video go to Options at the bottom right and click Add More Publishing Options.

Screencast options

  1. Click Save as Video File.
  2. Give the file a name and choose an appropriate place to save it under the folder option. More options for saving files can be found here. Make sure you save it as an MP4 file. Click Publish. This will start uploading however you can choose for this to continue in the background allowing you to carry on marking.

Linking feedback to Blackboard

  1. Once the video has uploaded go to the student’s attempt on Blackboard. Make sure the video is under 250mb.
  2. On the feedback box click the Paperclip and browse your computer to attach the file.
  3. You can rename this to make it more obvious as feedback for the student. Press Submit.
  4. When the column is made visible, the feedback will be released to the student.


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