Scheduling an online meeting using Google Apps

This post explains the benefits of online meetings in higher education (embedded slideshare by Sue Beckingham), and takes you through how to schedule an online meeting using the Google Apps available to us at SHU.

Using Google Apps is a really easy way of setting up an online meeting. All students and staff have Google accounts, and Google Calendar and Google Hangouts are included in the package.

Note: ensure you are logged out of any personal Google accounts before following these instructions.

The first step is to log in to your Google Drive account. Once in your drive, on the top right hand side of your screen (or a new tab), next to your name, you should see a box of nine squares. Clicking on this opens your Google Apps, which includes the Calendar. Click on the calendar icon (circled below).


Once in your Google Calendar, simply click on the day and time you would like to schedule the meeting for, and select ‘Edit event’.


This is where you can name the event and add a description, but crucially ‘Add video call’ (on left below) and ‘Add guests’ (on right below). As we are all on the SHU Google system, to search for colleagues and students to invite, you only have to type their name.

Note: Staff appear in lower case and students in upper case.


You then ‘Save’ the event (top of screen), and an option appears to ‘Send invitation to guests’. Sending an invitation will give guests a message in their Gmail (students) or Outlook (staff) inbox. When they accept the invitation it will put the video call event in their respective calendars.

On the invitation and event there is a link which allows you to ‘Join meeting’. This takes you to the Google Hangout for the session. Following posts will cover the functionality of Google Hangouts and Blackboard Collaborate as tools for online meetings.

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