Requesting a new Blackboard Module site

1) On your Blackboard home page go to the staff tools box located on the left hand side of the screen and click on New Site/Copy Existing Site.

Create New Site
2) This will open the Request a new Blackboard Site page.

On this page there are 5 options to choose from:

Validated Module – A module site for a module that has students
Student Organisation – An organisation site that supports students on a specific course or programme
Student Organisation (Cohort Based) – An organisation site that supports a specific cohort throughout their time on a course (e.g. 2015/16 Cohort)
Staff Organisation – An organisation site for staff access only, e.g. support staff working in a department.
Validation/Development Site – A site for a module that is under development (Prior to Validation)

To request a new Blackboard module site click on ‘Validated Module’.

New BB Site
3) Enter the Module code for the module, e.g. 55-3001-00S. It is important to ensure that the module code is correct or students may not be enrolled on the site.

Request New Site

4) Select the appropriate year and occurrence of the module, there may be only one occurrence if the module is only taught once in a year. If there is already a site created for the module you will see a message of who the main contacts are so you can contact them to enrol you to the site.

Select Site

A module site by default is blank, in the Copy Site section you can choose an existing site to copy the information from, this does not include Grade Centre, assignments and discussions as these cannot be copied to a new site.

Copying from an existing site is usually done when it is a new term or the module has a new module code, for example, creating a new 2016/17 site you would copy content from the 2015/16 site.

Copy Site
You can add members of staff to the site in Staff Enrolments, this is done by click add more staff members and searching for the member of staff. Adding staff to the module site can also be done after the module site has been created.

Add Staff
When all of the information has been added click next, make sure that the site end date and the contacts are correct and click submit. This will send a request to create your site and should be created within two working days.

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