What is PowToon?

PowToon allows you to create short videos which can be used for presentations or as an animation. It is easy to use and allows you to add audio and music to your video. PowToon could be used for assessment purposes as shown by this case study. You can create a PowToon from scratch or adapt a template to suit your needs.

Check out this video showing you the basic features of PowToon


What are the features of PowToon?

  • A more effective way to communicate.
  • You can use templates to quickly create high quality videos.
  • You easily add audio and music to your videos.
  • More attractive than a PowerPoint or text.

How do I use PowToon?

  1. Go to www.powtoon.com and click Start now.
  2. Create a user account. Select a username and password. You can also connect using Google+.
  3. You can now choose to either create an entirely new PowToon or to adapt one which has already been created.

Start from Scratch – Here you can select a template to get you started or start a brand new PowToon.

Customise a ready made PowToon – Here you can select from a range of previously created videos. You can edit and change these to suit your needs.

A tutorial will then begin showing you the features of PowToon.



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