January MAC Workshops

During January we arranged the very successful and well-attended MAC half day workshops. These workshops helped introduce staff to some of the changes currently happening at the university. The day was broken down into four different support sessions allowing staff to understand and act on the changes.


  1. IMG_0072The first session focussed on Departmental Assessment boards and provided staff with useful resources to help them understand the changes that are happening.
  2. In the next session Chloe Benning spoke about the Threshold Standards policy and the changes that are suggested for all Blackboard sites. The session reviewed the current status of module sites and encouraged staff to make the simple improvements to their sites during the time. Many staff where surprised at how many of the standards they had already met.
  3. Sandy Buchanan then showed staff how to set up their Resource Lists Online. He demonstrated great features such as the bookmarking tool and collaborative RLOs. RLOs are a useful resource for staff, students and the library, and influence the ordering of new resources. Once linked to the staff’s Blackboard sites this was another threshold standard that could be crossed off of the list.
  4. The workshop was finished off by a session from the Assessment Journey Programme. After a quick overview the room divided, on one side there was demonstrations of timesaving marking technologies such as inline marking, screencasting and feedback rubrics. On the other side of the room was a TEL clinic where staff could ask questions and get any current problems solved.






Further support on these topics can be found under the Useful Links tab on the ACES TEL blog or by contacting the ACES TEL team. If you are a MAC staff member information can also be found on the MAC STAFF organisation site.

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