Grading Colour Codes


Grading colour codes can help you to easily identify which students are potentially struggling on your module. You can select different colours and boundaries to be highlighted to you.  This is particularly useful for large modules with lots of students.

Students cannot see the colour code. The colours are only visible in Grade Centre, not the student view (My Grades).


  1. Go to your Blackboard site and click onto the Full Grade Centre. 
  2. Under the Manage tab choose Grading Colour Codes
  3. Click the checkbox to Enable Grading Colour Codes.
  4. If wanted set background colours for the Grading status. (In progress, Needs Grading, Exempt)
  5. Fill out the criteria and grade ranges you would like in the first column. The criteria can be between, less than or more than.
  6. Next select the colours you would like the background and text to appear as. You can see how these would appear under the Indicator Preview column.
  7. Once completed press Submit.





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