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Image result for google keep logoGoogle Keep is an on-the-go note taking application. It allows you to capture information in a variety of ways, including through audio, photographs, note taking and making lists. You can also set up location based reminders, time reminders and share your notes with other users.

Location/Time Based Reminders

Keep allows you to set up time and location reminders, create your notes and attach a reminder to them, for a location reminder your note will open when in you are near that specific location and for time reminders the note will open at that specific time.

Sharing Notes

Sharing your notes with others allows collaborative editing on the note. Working on a team project, share your checklist and mark off what has been completed in real time, this allows you to keep up to date with the project and record what has been completed.

Easy Assess

Filter and search for notes by colour and other features, e.g. Images, audio, reminders. Keep allows you to group notes together whether this is through colour coding or assigning the note to a tag.


Keep works across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Everything stored in Keep syncs with your other devices. (Requires an internet connection)

Follow the steps below to access Google Keep:

  1. Navigate to your university Google Drive account
  2. In the top right corner select the Picture4 icon
  3. Select the Picture5 option at the bottom of the list
  4. Select Google Keep
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