Google Apps Workshop at ACES LTA Conference 2015

Google Apps are increasingly being used in the higher education sector. The speed, storage, simplicity, and collaborative possibilities make it especially appealing for university teaching staff.

At the ACES Learning and Teaching Conference in September, there was a good turnout at our session on using Google Apps for education. Lee began the session by explaining the usefulness of the file storage Drive, and how the Apps could be used in and out of the classroom. As we were in the lab, staff then had the opportunity to experiment themselves with Google Drive.

We took staff through:

  • Entering Google Drive through shuspace and/or the staff intranet
  • Creating a Google Doc, and renaming it
  • ‘Sharing’ this document with a lab partner
  • All collaborating on a shared Google Doc in real-time

The supporting slides from the session are available to everyone at SHU here (you must be logged in to Google Drive using ‘’), and demonstrate the simplicity of using Google Slides.

This blog has also provided an overview of Google Apps, along with more specific posts on Google Drive, Docs, SheetsForms, Sites, Calendar, and Hangouts. No doubt there will be more to come, so head to the Google Apps category for other posts on using Google Apps in your learning and teaching!

A particular request from the attendees of our workshop was for some examples from SHU staff of using Google Apps. If you have any experiences, and would like to share them, please don’t hesitate to contact the ACES TEL team!

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