Is there any information I can give my students about Blackboard?

There is a Telhelp article that provides a handy screencast that demonstrates how shuspace works. You can link to this within your Blackboard Sites, or show to Students in Induction Week.

     How can I make my Blackboard Site available to Students?

By default new Blackboard sites are hidden from students, allowing staff the opportunity to prepare them for the new cohort of students. You can make these available to students at the start of the year. If students cannot see a Blackboard site for their module, they should be advised to contact their module leader or a tutor teaching on that module.

     How can I make marks/ feedback available to Students?

Similarly, by default marks and feedback remain hidden from students until the time that they have been internally moderated and then the relevant grade column in Blackboard is made available to students. This should be within 3 weeks of submission. Many staff will post an announcement or send an email to their students announcing that marks and feedback are available, or indeed informing students of any delay in returning marks and feedback.

Students access marks and feedback using My Grades and there is a video guide embedded within the page explaining how to access different forms of feedback. In addition:

There may be reasons why individual students might not be available to see marks and feedback even though others in the same cohort can. These include, for example, feedback and marks yet to be moderated for students with extensions who submitted after the assignment deadline, or if the marker inadvertently entered an override grade that can restrict access to some feedback. In many instances, if students can see a mark but no feedback, then they can try going back to the assignment submission point where they should be able to see all the feedback provided.

  • If you believe that your students should be able to see marks and feedback but cannot, please get in touch with the TEL team.

     Can I download Students’ work in bulk?

Tel Help article – How do I download students work from the Grade Centre?

     Can I view Students’ grade history?

There are two Grade History views. There is a Grade History view for the entire site accessed from the Report tab in Grade Centre showing every attempt made, grade entered or changed. This site-wide report can take a long time to generate depending on cohort size and the number of tasks.

A separate Grade History report can be generated on an individual grade column by selecting View Grade History from the column heading. Both reports are sortable and can be exported as a spreadsheet.

     How can I enrol an external user?

Enrolling external users is the responsibility of the Module Leader, and this currently includes the enrolling of External Examiners. There is a comprehensive TEL Help article – How can I enrol external users, Associate Lecturers or research students who teach on my Blackboard site?

     How can I see a module that I am enrolled on?

If you are unable to see module sites that you are enrolled in, first check the All Sites tab in the Blackboard Staff Sites in case you have inadvertently moved it from the Current Sites tab.

  • If you still cannot see the site, contact the Module leader to check your enrolment status. If the issue continues, please get in touch with the TEL Team.

     Can I gain access to previous/ archived sites?

There is an article on TEL Help explaining how to access module sites from previous years and an article describing the archiving process and requesting access to archived sites.

     How do I view Student’s work?

There are a range of articles outlining how to view student work depending on how you wish to mark and provide feedback on TEL Help along with further guidance about marking assessment on Assessment Essentials.

Generally, just to view student work, look at how do I add marks and feedback in Grade Centre for student work submitted online?

     How do I set up groups?

     Can I copy sites?