Assessment Policy

It has been decided that the ACES faculty will approach assessment in the following way:

The Blackboard submission point is required for online submission. Turnitin is used as an originality checker only and marks/feedback should be given through the Blackboard submission point. 

Blackboard assignments:                          

  • Submission points should be left open 5 calendar weeks (25 working days) after the deadline.
  • Students can make up to 2 attempts by the deadline and the last submission to Blackboard is the one that is marked.
  • The deadline should be between 9:30 and 15:30.

Allowing additional attempts will be the Helpdesk’s responsibility.

Setting up a Blackboard submission point

Turnitin assignments:                                           

  • Turnitin assignments should be set to allow ‘Multiple Attempts’.
  • Turnitin submissions should be left open. This will align to the way ACES are managing the Blackboard submission point.
  • Again, the deadline should be between 9:30 and 15:30.

Managing Turnitin is the Module Leader’s responsibility.

Setting up a Turnitin submission point

Setting up a column for offline submission:

  • You can still provide feedback online for offline submissions, by manually creating a new column in your Grade Centre. You can attach grades and feedback through this column, and your student can access this through My Grades as usual.

Setting up a Column for Offline Submission

**Make sure to hide your columns in Grade Centre until you are ready to release the grades all at once.