Accessing your SHU Google Account

As Google Apps become more popular for file storage and sharing, I thought a simple post on how to access your SHU Google Drive account may be useful. These accounts are linked to your SHU username, unlike the personal Google accounts some of you may be using (e.g. for Gmail). It will be useful to ensure you are logged out of any personal Google accounts before following these instructions.

There are a number of ways to log in to your SHU Google account.

Firstly, you can enter from the staff intranet. In the left-hand side navigation panel there is an ‘Online tools and email’ drop down list. The final option in this list is ‘SHU Google Apps’. Click on this.


You will then be asked to log in to your SHU Google account. The format is and your usual password.

The second option is to enter through shuspace. Here you just need to log in to shuspace as normal. On the right hand side of the screen there is a ‘Staff Tools’ box. Click on the final option in the list – ‘Google Apps’.


If asked to log in to your Google account, use the format.

The final option is to use the SHU Google URL ( and log in using the format.

This is what your Google Drive account should look like: drive

In the top right hand corner of the screen you can check which account it is that you are logged in to (highlighted above). This is especially useful if you are used to using a personal Google account at work.

We’ve posted loads of information on how to use the different Apps for Education available to you through these Google accounts. You can browse these posts in the Google Apps category of this blog.

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