‘Life is Beautiful. Always.’ – Virtual Reality experience

‘Life is Beautiful. Always.’ is a virtual reality (VR) experience created as part of an ongoing collaboration with multi-disciplinary expressionist artist, Marcel Schreur. Featuring a cyclical, non-linear narrative, the VR experience presents an emotive, thought provoking and challenging exploration into Schreur’s unique life experience and approach to art practice as a thirty year oral cancer and seven year vascular dementia survivor. The work generates a space that allows participants to view aspects of their own mental process through a lens of difference and disability, and to reflect on the varying foundations and formations of these processes between people of all levels of ability.

The work calls for integration, compassion for the vulnerable and weak in life threatening illnesses and mental health issues and a shift in the benchmark about our thoughts on life. The VR experience allows participants to connect with the personal life-experience of Schreur and some of the physical and emotional aspects of mental disability in an innovative and highly intimate way. Participants are invited to connect with the foundations of their own mental processes, to break through these processes as they are habitually understood and reveal the underlying common elements shared between people of all abilities.

 ‘Life is Beautiful. Always.’ has been developed to be presented on the Oculus Rift platform as part of an installation that includes projection, sound, painting and sculpture work by Marcel Schreur. Participants are invited to view the installation, within which they can then engage with the VR experience. After participating in the VR experience, response will be captured in the form of short recorded audio and/or written comments.

This will be the first exhibition of the work to the public. The exhibition opens on 28th June and continues until 1st July at Access’s Grace Unit, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, S1 2AY

Opening times 12pm – 6pm daily.

There will also be an opening reception with a glass of wine and some nibbles on Friday the 29th of June – 6.30pm – 10pm

Entrance to the exhibition is free

You can watch a trailer of the VR work here

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Find out more info about the artisit at: www.Mas-s.com