“Bonkers Jobs” – New book by Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson (Department Manager Art & Design) has recently published a book for children called “Bonker’s Jobs” which is a collection of interesting and fun stories about careers.

Here’s what Mark said about the project –

“18 months ago I sent off a manuscript for a book to a few publishers (co-authored with an old work colleague) and amazingly one – Candyjar – decided they wanted to publish it!

They had to add illustrations etc and they’ve now finished the book.

The book itself was born out of a frustration with the way career education and guidance is delivered and is an attempt to shake up the status quo that exists. It’s aiming to go into the retail as well as the education sector.

It’s called the Bonkers Book of Jobs and aimed at children 8- 12, giving them an irrelevant look at the world of work. A bit like a horrible histories.

It also combines a quiz (it’s actually a version of Holland’s career personality types) that runs through the book and reveals to the reader the Bonkers jobs that matches them.”

It’s officially launched on 30th May 2018.  You can pre-order at Amazon.