Athena Swan Bronze Award

We are delighted to announce that the joint application between the department of Engineering and Mathematics and MERI for an Athena SWAN Bronze award has been successful. This national award recognises our commitment towards achieving gender equality for students and staff, and will be valid until November 2021.  This award:

  • Is recognised by UKRI (formerly RCUK) as forming part of the evidence of action to address equality and diversity issues required by funding bodies
  • Aids recruitment of students (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research)
  • Aids recruitment of high-quality staff

Congratulations to all who contributed to the successful application, and particular thanks to Dr Karen Vernon-Parry and  Dr Emma Carter, who led the  team.

If anyone would like to become involved in supporting the initiatives on gender equality we are committed to implementing over the next 4 years, please contact Emma Carter. This is a task for all of us.  For E&M staff, effective participation in this work will be recognised on AWPs.

For more details on the Athena SWAN charter see