Forum on the Fringe Workshop 2: 90 minutes of mayhem, skulduggery and other forms of partnership

A 2nd workshop as part of the Forum on the Fringe has been planned, led by Kevin Richardson (HEFCE Local Growth Consultant) – for further information about the fringe and details about the event see the Forum on the Fringe blog – University Leadership Forum Fringe

In line with the intentions of the ‘fringe’ the session will come at the issues from a different angle, looking to stimulate creative thinking, and, with luck, surfacing one or two “nuggets of gold”. Kevin has provided us with this intriguing, and slightly opaque, description of the event:

“Ever felt that managing local partners and even your own colleagues is often like herding cats in Hurricane Ophelia? They just won’t do what you want them to do even when you know you are right!  But how well do know them and what floats their own boat? Come along to show us how well you can play one off against another. It’ll last only as long as a good footy match – and the referee won’t add on any time at the end of the game.  You might be taken just a little outside your comfort zone, and you may even feel a little ‘stitched up’ but you’ll certainly have a laugh, might win some (very dubious) prizes, and you might even just come away knowing more about other people, what motivates them, and more about how you can challenge yourself to think and act just a little differently”.


As with all Fringe events, as a member of the University Leadership Forum, you are invited to attend and very much encouraged to use your ‘plus one’ invite to bring a non-ULF colleague along. If you’d like to attend please email: ! LEAD Directorate Support and don’t forget to include the name of your ‘plus one’.

If you’d like to have a chat about the session please call Michael Clark on 2787 or email:

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