Assessment Journey Programme – Common assessment enquiries

Below is useful summary of responses to the most commonly asked questions about assessment…

Bunching Report (Course view of assessment) – In order for course teams to avoid assessment bunching, the Bunching report ( can be used to manually check the submission dates for all modules on a course.  A fix has now been applied to the report to resolve the issue with the calendar view being too small.

Assessment Information – Staff will be able to view their assessment information via Curriculum View via SITS Online from 26th September. Further information about the availability of this will be issued by the ESCM programme team this week.

Student Assessment Statement – The Assessment Statement will be available from Friday 22nd Sept and will provide students with the formal and consolidated course view of the tasks and sub-tasks that contribute to their overall award (summative). Students will be able to access the statement via My Student Record from the ‘My Assessments’ page and then selecting ‘My Assessment Statement’. Staff can access any students statement via SITS online from the ‘Module Delivery and Assessment Page’ and then selecting ‘Assessment Statement (for a selected student)’. Further information about this can be found on Assessment Essentials here

Should you or your colleagues have any queries, please contact ! Assessment Journey Programme.