The Graduate Management Development Programme: the first year

We are lucky enough to have Helen Hardy, a member of the University Graduate Management Development Scheme, working with us on Staff Engagement activities. In her own words, Helen describes why she applied for the scheme, her experience so far and her work with ACES:

“It was in the manic gap between dismissing a year seven class and preparing for my next lesson that I received a call informing me that I was successful in gaining a place on Sheffield Hallam University’s Graduate Management Development Programme (GMDP.) I was over the moon.

I had been contemplating a shift to a management focussed role for a while and was attracted to the two year GMDP by the sheer variety of development opportunities and experience it offered: four six month placements in different directorates and faculties within the University, as well as four development training weeks.  As a member of the scheme’s first cohort I have not yet been disappointed!

During my first six month placement in the University Secretariat, I had a number of unique opportunities to learn more about how Sheffield Hallam University operates.  At the beginning of my placement, my line manager arranged for me to shadow a number of University Board and Committee meetings to help me gain an awareness of how the University’s decision making processes and forums work.  For me, the particular highlights were being able to attend a Board of Governors meeting, an Academic Board meeting and the Honorary Awards Committee, all of which provided a valuable insight into how issues affecting the University are raised, discussed and acted upon.  

In my current placement in the Faculty of ACES I am working on developing a new ACES intranet site to be launched in summer 2013: The ACES Faculty Handbook as it is now called.

The ACES Faculty Handbook is a project which has the potential to positively impact on all ACES staff, from reducing the time it takes to access information online to communicating ACES’ identity, purpose, vision and values in an engaging way.  Whilst managing and developing this project has in many ways been a steep learning curve, it has provided me with numerous opportunities to develop new skills, as well as the chance to challenge myself in fresh ways.

From August I will be moving on to my penultimate placement, the whereabouts of which is still to be confirmed; nevertheless I am eagerly anticipating what the Graduate Management Development Programme continues to hold in store for me.

Outside of working hours, I have to my own surprise discovered that I enjoy running and I recently completed my first ever marathon – the Paris marathon in 3 hours 56 minutes.  Incidentally, my Paris marathon endeavour made it onto the creative blog 60 Postcards which you can find out more here:”

If you have any queries about the GMDP Programme or the Faculty Handbook, please contact Helen Hardy